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May Soo

May Soo is an experienced psychologist with an interest and passion for working in psychosexual and relationship counselling. 

After obtaining her Honours degree from Macquarie University in 2006, she started working in the allied health field, initially in occupational rehabilitation. May then moved to working as a mediator (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner) for a Family Relationship Centre. In this role she was responsible for helping couples make post-separation parenting arrangements.  The nature of the work at the Centre sparked May’s interest in relationship counselling and couples therapy. 

My therapy style respects your personal values and unique attitude to life. My aim is to collaborate with you to discover realistic solutions.
— May Soo

Having obtained full registration as a psychologist in 2009, May joined a private practice in Pennant Hills and started to develop a basis for specialising in relationship counselling, working with both individuals and couples. She noticed that clients occasionally raised sexual issues in the context of broader relationship problems. This stimulated her curiosity about sexual health issues and sex therapy and led to her enrolling in the Master of HIV, STIs and Sexual Health degree at the University of Sydney. The completion of her Master's degree has enabled May to develop a practice which offers sex-positive education, guidance and counselling to individuals and couples.

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Common Sexual Problems

Some sexual problems are simple to resolve but many are complex and multidimensional.  For instance, a sexual concern can be both a cause and effect of a mental health condition.  While issues with sexual functioning can cause personal distress and relational stress, equally, sexual dysfunction can be the result of chronic psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Addressing these underlying issues is a key part of restoring sexual functioning.

•    Mismatched libidos or desire discrepancy
•    The impact of aging on sexual functioning

•    Erectile dysfunction
•    Premature ejaculation
•    Male orgasmic disorder

•    Female sexual arousal disorder
•    Sexual pain disorders: dyspareunia and vaginismus
•    Female orgasmic disorder

A word from May

Like many people I know, my sex education started with reading Dolly and Cleo magazines during my teenage years. In hindsight, it was probably not the most helpful basis for finding out about sex or learning about my own sexuality.  The sexual messages conveyed in our culture are what a leading sex therapist calls ‘The fantasy model of sex’. It’s an unrealistic model of how bodies look and function, how people relate and how they have sex. Given that sex is shrouded in myths and based in most part on inaccurate information, it’s probably not surprising that many people are uncomfortable with sex and feel inadequate as sexual beings.


My approach

I believe that psychosexual counselling is about providing a safe, supportive and confidential environment to explore your personal and often painful concerns about sexual function, behaviour and/or feelings. It requires a relationship of trust, sensitivity and compassion. You will find me warm, empathetic, non-judgemental and professional.  I can help put you at ease and find ways to explain what is happening. I am able to talk about sex in an open and frank way and with an attitude of acceptance. 

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